What Are Our Clients Saying

We were with a provider that failed to assess our growing practice needs properly and dropped the ball on features and paying attention to what our business needed as we grew the practice. Customer service was less than adequate. We needed a vendor that would partner with us, and would be engaged, helping us navigate, options and then apply them in real time across the practice

Fast forward meeting Carol Bell at Liberty Bell Telco.

From the very first meeting we knew she was the answer to all our needs.

Not only did she save us money, she provided a solution that met the needs of the practice and surgery center with an incredible customer service experience before during and after the cutover to the new services. She continues to provide excellent service when ever we reach out to her.

Carol is an exceptional business owner and always goes above and beyond. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, resourceful and reliable, her friendliness and ethics are out of this world amazing.


Above all Carol is dedicated: to her clients, to her network. She has an unmatched ability in regard to building symbiotic relationships. She is persistent in finding a solution for a client’s needs and will not sit in the shadows waiting for something to happen. Very few people share Carol’s level of enthusiasm. Immediate and always honestly blunt (she doesn’t mince words), she is a pleasure to know and work with.

I started my practice without having any clue about telecom services. I was referred to Carol Bell through another IT vendor. Carol came to my rescue as I was clueless about this ever-evolving telecom industry. She went above and beyond with helping me set-up and navigate my telecom account, auto-attendant, and referring me to appropriate vendors which she believed I could benefit from. I highly recommend Carol for all new start-ups and established businesses looking for telecom services. She is an expert, knowledgeable, resourceful, and reliable.

Carol saved our practice money while upgrading our phone system. She was great to work with every step of the way. Saved us time and reduced our monthly cost.

Carol Bell, the owner of Liberty Bell Telco, has many years of experience and knowledge in current telecom and IT. Carol is the kind of business owner that will always go above and beyond for anyone! regardless of the matter. I highly recommend Carol for your telephone and IT needs.


If you need phone services, I highly recommend Carol Bell with Liberty Bell Telco. She can vet and source dozens of options to present to you and your company enabling you to choose a service that works best for your needs. She is dependable, ethical, responsive and excellent to work with – she will go the extra mile for you to ensure it is an easy and smooth transition. Carol is the epitome of exceptional customer service.

Carol has been a huge asset to our company. Telecom is becoming increasingly intertwined with other IT areas, so we rely on her knowledge and expertise to guide us on new and existing projects. She is always patient and very professional with all our clients and we look forward to working with her when we can!

I have known and worked with Carol for many years in the technology field. If you are looking for a true partner to help with your Telecom business needs, then do yourself a favor and reach out to Carol. You will get the kind of care, honesty and a real solution to meet your needs. She listens and is a true technology advisor not just another sales rep.

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